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Liguori Academy: “We are BOUNDLESS… “

BCA is excited to announce our January Charity Spotlight, Liguori Academy!

Liguori serves a diverse population of high school students from throughout the region. They enroll students entering 9th grade who are 17 years old or younger who are under credentialed.  Assessment, personalized instruction, and a career-based curriculum create vital opportunities. Students experience different careers, build relationships, make choices and enjoy success, as they think about and plan for their futures.

They’ve adopted an innovative, project-based high school learning model that provides a unique educational and economic opportunity for students and their parents in an underserved community of Philadelphia. Their program personalizes instruction and links “knowing” and “doing” as a means to re-engage students. Preparing for graduation and future employment is a primary goal of the program.  Education experts across the region support their mission and their model.

One of the benefits of this program is their ability to respond to the ongoing emotional health needs of their students.  Liguori is affiliated with Progressions Behavioral Health Services Inc. so they can offer students and families strong and caring options in issues related to behavioral health.

Their comprehensive program addresses learning on three fronts:

  1. Real-time, on-going assessment followed by individualized and personalized instruction and academic remediation.
  2. A rigorous career-based classroom curriculum uses industry-based projects that explore work opportunities while emphasizing the vital soft skills needed for work…and for life.
  3. Experiential Learning Program (ELP) offers real job-site experiences, relationships and mentorships that increase chances of staying in school, graduating, and moving on to successful post-secondary opportunities.

Check out their website to find out how you can get more involved!