Location Announced for the BCA Speaker Reception hosted by Haefele Flanagan

BCA is excited to announce the location for the BCA Speaker Reception hosted by Haefele Flanagan.


Penn State University @ the Navy Yard



Members, don’t forget to sign up on the BCA Member Portal, for this highly anticipated event hosted by Haefele Flanagan.

Small Business Accounting at Haefele Flanagan

Financial management is critical to business success, but not all small businesses have the ability or desire to handle it on their own. Enter Haefele Flanagan. 

Unlike most firms, Haefele Flanagan has an entire department dedicated to small business accounting. They understand the unique challenges faced by small and midsized organizations and tailor customized solutions accordingly. Some clients hand over their books, letting them manage them all year. Others check in sporadically to better understand how their business is performing. HF even performs onsite controller duties for those that need them. In all scenarios, their bookkeepers – with more than 50 years of combined experience – develop and implement solutions that meet all of your small business accounting needs.