MacCord Family Builders Roundtable, The Ball Should Always Be In Your Court!

Thank you Kelly Jablokov and Jack MacCord of MacCord Family Builders, for hosting a great round table at Kelly’s Kitchen and Design Center! Great group and wonderful discussions around managing customer expectations.

Some take-a-ways for smoother outcomes:

  • Preventing surprises
  • Educating the customer better
  • Talking to end users more
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Everything in writing
  • Customer check lists
  • Frequent Customer updates
  • Text Customers to let them know you sent an email
  • Spending more time upfront lessons problems on the back end
  • Build better relationships with your clients
MacCord Family Builders Roundtable:  Managing Customer Expectations

Please remember Jack and Kelly, and the wonderful services they provide as you go about your day and remember:
The Ball Should Always in Your Court!