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MacCord Family Builders Square Table

Thanks everyone for coming today and thank you Jack, for your generosity in hosting us at Capital Grille. The food was fantastic and the company, even better! And welcome to Craig and Claudia, two of our new Members. Now that you have one under your belt, you can host your own later in the year.

Jack, you did a fantastic job, with your slide presentation, giving us a snapshot of your company, what your capabilities are and who you are looking for for opportunities. Even though most of the folks in that room have known you for years, I think it’s safe to say we all learned something new about your business. Best of luck with the rebranding of your company.

Speaking of learning something new…..exercising with Jack LaLanne, acting, dancing, day drinking and wearing latex….all I can say is that what happens at the Round Tables stays at the Round Tables….

Some business take-aways regarding keeping top of mind with customers:

  • You need to touch your clients often and differently
  • A good CRM system will help keep things straight
  • Keep what you have – Get what you lost 
  • Joint parties/gatherings with partners
  • Showcasing your work 
  • Prospect Now/Sales Genie could be very valuable
  • Use new products or innovations as a means to reach out
  • Social Media is a must

Please remember to reach out to our other new Members to make them feel welcome and please start thinking about your strategy for March Madness, being held at the HUB in Conshohocken!