March Madness 2023 | New Venue, New Allotments and New Vibe

On March 16, 2023, the BCA March Madness Event will be back (back in action and back at the Cira Centre). Thank you to OneDigital for powering the event and thank you for being BCA’s exclusive Employee Benefits provider for almost 15 years!

New Venue

Thanks to our good friend and fellow BCA Member John New, the event will be held at CYTO PHL at the Cira Centre (formerly The Hub Cira Centre).

New Allotments

As some know, the BCA March Madness event is a custom event (non-contracted event in BCA membership agreements). We know the event is very beloved by so many and provides tremendous value to members, so we have worked hard to make sure we can carry on the longstanding tradition of March Madness in 2023. 

In 2023, every member company will receive an allotment of seven (7) tickets to the event (the only way to receive additional tickets is to purchase a sponsorship package).

***March Madness is a BCA event, therefore the standard BCA guest policy remains in place.

New Vibe

          (evoc·​a·​tive i-ˈvä-kə-tiv) adjective:  evoking or tending to evoke an emotional response 

CYTO PHL provides active environments infused with state-of-the-art technological capabilities. They describe their space as “an evocative-like atmosphere”. That is the vibe you will experience at the BCA March Madness Event. After all, what evokes more emotion than the NCAA Tournament. And at the core of BCA is genuine, selfless relationships, which require emotional connections on some level.

About March Madness

The 2023 March Madness Event is a first-class event, attended by the highest-level executives, leaders and powerful influencers from the area. While other organizations and events may be working hard to increase their attendance, BCA focuses on the quality of the attendees and the event rather than the quantity. There is no shortage of people to attend the event, but in order to maintain our culture and integrity; all our standard BCA attendance policies apply. We strive to make this event just like other BCA’s experiences, a selfless event culture rich in quality, depth and strength.

The purpose of the March Madness Event is to provide the environment for genuine relationship building with fellow BCA Members and their select invited guests. The MME is an environment where members can spend much longer periods of time building the relationship and enjoying time together on a more social level, bonding over basketball with good friends.