Meet Our Newest Member: The Pioneering, Environmentally-Conscious Bala Consulting Engineers Joins BCA

We are thrilled to announce that Bala Consulting Engineers , under the esteemed leadership of CEO Kim Burkert and COO Wesley Lawson, has joined the BCA Family, exclusively representing in the ENGINEERING – MEP category. At BCA, we pride ourselves on fostering meaningful relationships and building a community of innovative leaders. The addition of Bala Consulting Engineers is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to embracing companies that stand at the forefront of their industries.

Kim Burkert – A Visionary Leader

As the CEO, Kim oversees the entire enterprise with a focus on strategic development and growth.  She possesses a strong business acumen, understanding of our industry, and is committed to Bala’s clients. Kim’s often spearheads enterprise-wide initiatives to fostering diversity and mentorship within the industry.

Outside the office, Kim is all about enriching experiences – savoring an Espresso Martini, planning her next beach getaway or working on her golf game (which she just started to learn). Kim dreams of visiting Hawaii or Greece, adding an adventurous flair to her bucket list. Fun fact, in 1986 Kim appeared on “Dancing on Air” alongside Kelly Ripa.

Wesley Lawson – A Pragmatic Innovator

Meet Wesley Lawson, a man of exciting journeys and diverse experiences. Transitioning from a mechanical engineer to the Chief Operating Officer at Bala, his journey is one of dedication and strategic thinking. His leadership in project and account management has propelled Bala forward, establishing it as a leader in sustainable engineering solutions.

Wesley has a love for golf, travel, and the classic Old Fashioned. His passion for exploration has brought him to some of the highest and lowest altitudes on earth. From the lofty heights of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains to the serene depths of the Dead Sea in Jordan. Wesley’s bucket list includes hiking Mount Kilimanjaro and embarking on safaris, reflecting his adventurous spirit and love for the great outdoors. It’s also rumored that Wes is quite good at reciting random lines from the movie Dumb and Dumber 😁.


At Bala, engineering is more than a discipline—it’s a passion for sustainable and creative solutions that resonate with our commitment to people, sustainability, and social justice. With a rich history spanning over four decades and a presence from Boston to Washington, DC, Bala. This forward-thinking, innovative and resilient firm, employees over 200 engineers, designers and support personnel. They are licensed to practice in 43 states and have completed projects both nationally and internationally. For more information, visit

Kim Burkert and Wesley Lawson’s leadership and vision align perfectly with BCA’s ethos of putting relationships first and building a family of peers who support and uplift each other.

Please join us in welcoming Bala Consulting Engineers, Kim Burkert, and Wesley Lawson to the BCA Family.