New BCA Policy | Existing Member Switching or Adding a Category | Designations

Switching or Adding Categories

At any time, an existing member may chose to switch the category they currently contractually “own” within BCA or add an additional category to their already existing contracted category.  The newly established BCA policy outlines how such requests/applications are now handled by BCA and the Board of Advisors (depending if it is 1) Proactive or 2) Reactive).

1. Pro-Active

(Not an active category)

If an existing member submits a request (via an application) to switch their current contracted category to a different category OR add a second category (upgrade their membership) AND the category is NOT active (ie, no application is currently active with the board).

  • The category will NOT be opened up (open to receive additional applications), therefore the existing member does NOT have to compete for the category.
  • The application will be vetted based on the category not the person. They are already a member, and the person /company has already been vetted in terms of DNA make up of a BCA member. The Board is vetting their deliverables, ensuring they do in fact provide the products/services to represent the new category. It should now makeup a majority of their revenue.
  • A notification will be sent to alert the membership of the category request/application. No additional applications will be accepted, this is simply notification that an application has been submitted.
  • If it is determined that the existing member can and does in fact deliver the products/services, and it is enough of a core competency to occupy the new category, and the Board votes:
    • To approve the category switch. If approved, the previously contracted category held by the member will immediately be vacated and will accept applications.
    • To approve the addition of the category. If approved, the member will then officially occupy two categories.

Example of why this may happen: Companies services have changed so much that they no longer deliver the products/ services related to their current category, or they’ve become such a small percentage, and new deliverables have become the majority of the core competency.

2. Reactive Switch 

(Active category)

If an existing member submits a request (via an application) to switch their current contracted category to a different category OR add a second category (upgrade their membership), AFTER another application for that category has already been submitted (ie, category has already become Active).

  • The category will be “opened up” (open to receive additional applications per our standard application procedures), therefore the existing member WILL have to compete for the category.
  • The application and applicants will be vetted per our standard application procedures and qualifying requirements.
  • If the member is selected over the other applicant(s) by the Board:
    • The previously contracted category held by the member will immediately be vacated and will accept applications, if the member is switching categories
    • The member will then officially occupy two categories, if the member is adding a category (upgrading)

Example of why this may happen: Current member knows their deliverables include products/services NOT under their contracted category, but choose to NOT switch, because they feel they could promote it unofficially and reap benefits for both categories


Effective October 18, 2018, the Board has also approved to move forward with pre-defined Category Names and designations. If a company is applying for new membership, they will select from the list of pre-defined categories in which to interview for. No semantic changes of category names can be requested by an existing member (or new applicant) or will be evaluated by the board moving forward.

If any company desires to apply for a category not on our current pre-defined list, the request will be presented to the board for review. Then a 30-day period is allotted to review the viability of the new category (and confirm it does not conflict with existing categories).

The Category Names are primarily used for contractual purposes, and basic member listings. Members should focus on utilizing their one 1:1 relationship time to communicate any specifics or details on their services and deliverables. The Company bio another place to reinforce this information.

A pre-defined list of categories is available anytime, just contact any of the BCA Team.