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Picasso painted. Henry Ford made cars. Einstein was obsessed with light. They excelled at what they did because they focused their passion and attention on one thing at a time.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently explained that one of the core principles Steve Jobs instilled in the company is the need to stay focused on doing only one thing. “Starting anything is relatively easy and it’s easy to add … it’s hard to stay focused,” he said. “And so the hardest decisions we make are all the things not to work on.”

When it comes to anything important in life, more is never better. Better is better and less is more.  In terms of everything that matters – love, passion, relationships, focus, attention – the more things you have, the thinner you’re spread and the less you’ll come to value them. That goes for anything…and in the case of BCA, it goes for relationships.

Over time, it’s easy to become caught up in starting new ideas, a desire to add new things, in wanting more relationships, but at what expense? The more we have, the thinner we’re spread and less valuable they become. In 2017, we officially launch the ONE campaign in an effort to stay focused on what really matters… Relationships… One at a time!


“ONE” can take so many different forms and we challenge you to find the form that is most valuable to you.

  • Host ONE valuable relationship at an event, know the purpose for hosting that ONE relationship and focus on that ONE person in front of you at that time
  • Strengthen ONE relationship in 2017. Focus on it all year, give it generosity and attention, watch it grow! 
  • Find ONE person to help
  • Reconnect with positive ONE habit you’ve lost
  • Rebuild ONE old relationship
  • Go back to basics. Re-establish ONE basic relationship behavior that has gotten away from you
  • Repair ONE damaged relationship this year

Whatever it is, find ONE and give it your full attention in 2017.  That’s where the richness, wisdom, and fulfillment come from. Just imagine what we can all do and what we can collectively accomplish if we just focus on the quality of #ONE.

Share your stories with us! Tell us all about your #ONE. We can’t wait to post hundreds of your #ONE stories this year.