Online Policies

Member Portal access

  • The Members-only section of the website is for access only by members of BCA
  • Guests are not permitted to access the members only section of the website at any time
  • Members may not send RSVP lists to their guests or share the members-only login with any non-members
  • We ask that members be careful and discrete about who within their company they grant Portal login access, you don’t want the login to get in the wrong hands of an employee who may abuse it

Our database and member list is not intended to be used for cold calls or mass distribution, but it should be used as a source to review prospective relationships and strategic partners for your company. Any member abusing the database may loose their access to this information and risk membership revocation.

Blog Policy

As a BCA member you are entitled to utilize our blog platform for communication purposes.

  • Blog requests require a minimum 7-day lead time
  • You must send us the exact content for the blog post
  • Content must be in one of three formats:
    1. Verbiage (text) exactly as you’d want it to read (we will simply cut and paste)
    2. A static jpeg image
    3. A PDF. If you want text in the body of the email to accompany the PDF, you must send that as well
Please send request and content to
updated 10/1/2016