PCS wants to make sure you don’t get ‘Hooked’ with the latest Phishing Scams!

New Phishing Scam of the Week:

In the newest Coronavirus-themed phishing attack, cybercriminals are sending emails that appear to be from a hospital and warn that you have been exposed to the virus through contact with a colleague, friend, or family member. Attached to the email is a “pre-filled” form to download and take with you to the hospital. Don’t be fooled. The attachment is actually a sophisticated piece of malware. This threat relies on panic and fear to bypass rational thinking. Don’t give in!

Remember to stay vigilant:

  • Think before you click. The bad guys rely on impulsive clicking.
  • Never download an attachment from an email you weren’t expecting.
  • Even if the sender appears to be from a familiar organization, the email address could be spoofed.

    Stop, Look, and Think. Don’t be fooled. 

Click here to play the video 

Phishing – Tips and Tricks

  • If you open an e-mail and it does not feel 100% right forward it to your IT professional. Do not take a chance.
  • Attempt to reply to the e-mail. If the reply address is DIFFERENT than who sent you the message, it is probably fake.
  • Watch out for fake voice mails and fax attachments. If you receive a “voicemail” from a service that you do utilize, it is not real.
  • Look at the web domain address in your browser. If you click a link that should direct you to and it leads you to then it is not Google and a scam attempt
  • BE EXTRA diligent when reviewing information related to the COVID-19 virus. Spammers are utilizing this global pandemic to spread more fear and trick you into opening their attachments or visiting their virus-ridden websites.

If you are a customer or not, remember we are here for you, and if you need help, call me anytime.

Thank you,
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