Pin Flags, Gimmie Sticks, a Candy Bar and more! Tailgate: BCA Golf Outing #BCAproud

We can’t wait for the 2017 BCA Golf Outing …  Tailgate-Style! We have lots of fun and surprises in store, including the following newly announced additions:

BELFOR Pin Flags. 

Thanks to BELOR USA, custom Pin Flags will been seen on all 18 Holes.

HDI Gimmie Sticks

HDI Associates shows its support of the ALS Foundation by sponsoring the Gimmie Sticks at the 2017 BCA Golf Outing! On August 2nd, give a little help to the ALS Foundation and you’ll get a little help in return. I mean, what golfer doesn’t want a little extra help on the course….

  • A Gimme Stick is essentially a Yardstick that improves your chances of winning.
  • Each golfer who purchases a Gimme stick will receive 36 inches of gimmes during the round
  • Each Gimmie Stick is $20
  • All proceeds go directly to support the ALS Foundation.

Candy Bar

Thanks to Unlimited Technology, guests at the Golf Outing will be able to dive into a delicious assortment of candy and after-dinner treats… perfect for all those with a sweet tooth! 

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