Recruiting Talent During Coronavirus: Is It That Difficult?

For many of you who know me, as well as those who don’t, you may be wondering, “How’s the recruiting/executive search business holding up during COVID-19? It must be extremely difficult.”

Difficult it is, but since I’ve been doing this for so many years, I have honed my relationships with both employers and potential employees for challenging times like these. I sometimes wonder where all of those who are furloughed, unemployed, or underemployed are looking for work. That being said, these times are more challenging than most—with candidates unable to decide if they want to be considered for a new job during a pandemic. Childcare issues, unwillingness to give up unemployment compensation, fear of infection if they must work on-site and the financial stability of  the new company have been getting in the way of recruiting talent in 2020. These issues have caused some candidates to hide behind their emails and LinkedIn profiles, even though employers are trying to fill positions quickly, for both short-term and long-term needs.

With diligence and experience, I am indeed finding the right talent, but it takes more time and persistence than it took pre-pandemic.

Here are some insights to encourage you to start looking for your 2020-2021 talent and work with HCC Partners to fill those positions.

1. I have been able to successfully place eight key individuals with my clients since March—from Engineer to Controller to HR Director. See our open and filled positions.

2. Thanks to many years of experience matching company culture and business situation with the right people, I can evaluate candidates quickly and accurately. It’s about working smart and knowing what to look for in both people and companies.

3. I know where and how to find good candidates, even if actively employed elsewhere and not looking to make a change.

4. I follow my own process—including Discovery, Candidate Identification, and Onboarding—to be your partner in placing the best talent in your company.

5. I have adjusted my fees for the needs of my clients. HCC Partners is offering a discount to any company that needs search and recruiting support. The normal fee of 25% of base salary will be reduced for new searches contracted through March 31, 2021, to 15% of base salary and the normal guarantee of 12 months will be increased to a 15 month guarantee for the new hire.

6. For job searchers, there are many reasons to reignite your searches and get in touch with me before the holiday season gets into full gear.

You may also want to refer to my article, Should Companies Continue Recruiting Talent During Covid-19, for guidance regarding this topic.

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