Roundtable Recap | Old Friends, New Friends & Lots of Laughs

Joe and PJ McMahon, thanks so very much for hosting your roundtable and thank you all for attending and lending your brain trust to the topic!

I think it goes without saying that Joe and PJ and the family at McMahon Automotive Group are committed to making your experience the best it can be and have your best interests at heart. Please look at their Active Targets and Active Prospects and see how you can help them out!

The topic was a good one and all of you had opinions and advice.  Here are some of the take-aways:

  • Understand what it is you sell and who you sell to
  • Look for people at trade shows that impress you and see if they have interest
  • Identify the attributes of your best people and hire to that
  • Have your ‘puzzle’ put together and find the missing pieces
  • Make sure the comp program is sufficient 
  • Look at an uncapped incentive plan
  • Test people to make sure they are who they say they are
  • Determine whether you want connectors vs. closers
  • Be careful with ‘non-selling’ time
  • Account Managers can help