Roundtable Recap | Today’s Quality Diamond Architects in Philly Philly

Thank you to Sam, from Today’s Systems, for hosting a wonderful Round Table today at the beautiful showroom for Global Furniture Group. Also Sam, thanks also for showing us the wonderful pictures of some of your work with your clients.  

While your Resume Building exercise seemed strange at first, I think you all agreed that you found out so much about each other that you may never have found out and it got you more excited about the brain trust you have in your fellow BCA Members.  Reach out and use each other to help problem solve, gain more knowledge and build better relationships.

I think we also all agreed that the best team name, and soon to be the newest BCA business,  is:

Today’s Quality Diamond Architects!!!!!

Kudos to ‘Philly Philly’ for a great team name as well!

Thank you all for coming out and getting to know each other and congratulations to Vince and Ed for surviving your first BCA Round Table!