Say Goodbye to Speaker Receptions and Misperceptions!

And say hello to “Breakfast Eve“!

eve /ēv/
noun: eve; plural noun: eves
    1. the evening or day before a holiday, special event or special day.

For over 15 years, we’ve hosted Speaker Receptions the night before our Hospitality Breakfast and Speaker Series. Throughout the years, the misperceptions about speaker receptions have led them to become one of the biggest missed opportunities! So much value in each membership is being left on the table because the speaker receptions were rarely taken advantage of.

So we’ve decided to re-imagine the “Speaker Reception”. The gathering the night before the Hospitality Breakfast will now be called Breakfast Eve.

Imagine sitting at a bar or a comfy couch with good friends, having a great conversation, that’s what Breakfast Eve will feel like. Breakfast Eve is a casual gathering for BCA Members, their distinguished guest and our featured Breakfast Presenter.

It can be hard to have deeper, substantial conversations at the Breakfast. Which is why Breakfast Eve is so valuable! Have authentic, genuine conversations with fellow members, guests and the Breakfast Speaker. Breakfast Eve is also an ideal time for the featured Breakfast Speaker to get to know our BCA Family and understand our community, leading to a more dynamic presentation the next morning.


  • Our goal is to provide a casual, intimate environment for Members to spend quality time with a special guest and each other.
  • Inviting a friend (distinguished guest) is highly encouraged.
  • The Eve event is intentionally smaller, making it ideal for hosting a guest.
  • Each Eve event will allow for a deeper conversation with our featured Breakfast speaker.
  • Attendance is open to anyone from your company (not limited to just the Decision Maker).
  • A great place to meet the newest Members of the BCA Family.
  • Location of Breakfast Eve will geographically move around the Greater Delaware Valley, showcasing both member locations and some of the areas coolest venues.
  • The timing of Breakfast Eve makes it ideal to efficiently schedule a 1:1 before or make dinner plans with fellow attendees.
  • Wine, Beer, and Light Fare will be served.