September Eve. Meaningful Connections and Authentic Conversations.

At the heart of BCA is the pursuit of authentic connections and genuine, relationships. Tonight’s Breakfast Eve, hosted by Haefele Flanagan, was the perfect environment for those relationships to flourish. Thank you to Haefele Flanagan for hosting a great evening.

The evening brought together BCA members, distinguished guests, and the featured Breakfast Presenter at 2300 Arena. The relaxed setting allowed for deeper, genuine conversations that sometimes elude us in the hustle and bustle of the formal Breakfast event.

Thanks to 12th Street Catering, the gathering also featured delightful food and drinks, setting the perfect scene for genuine interactions and the nurturing of relationships, both new and old.

A warm thank you to everyone — members, guests, and our speaker — who brought life to the vision of Breakfast Eve. Your presence and engagement are what truly fuel the spirit of the BCA community.

As we move forward, let’s carry with us the enriching discussions and the deeper bonds fostered during this gathering. Here’s to many more evenings of genuine conversations and to a BCA family that grows stronger with each encounter.


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