Set Goals that Go Beyond Quotas-Free Lunch N Learn

(Lunch N Learn) Webinar
Bridging the gap between Sales Management goals and individual performance.
WHEN: Friday, March 26th 
12:00 – 1:00pm EST 

WHERE: Zoom Webinar  

What is the number one responsibility of a Sales Manager / VP of Sales? To deliver the numbers. Establishing what is acceptable performance is key to a sales manager’s driving consistent selling activities and therefore sales outcomes. In today’s world, it is the sales manager’s responsibility to involve the salesperson in the goal-setting process, so the goals remain challenging…. challenge seeking is highly correlated to sales outcome performance and compensation seeking.

In our session we will discuss:
·    Name the Goal: What gets specifically named gets achieved.
·    Value Test the Goal: How does the specific goal fit the overall company sales objectives?
·    Milestone the Goal: “What by when?”
·    Forecast the Goal: What metric(s) are predictive of success or failure?·    Picture of Success: What will it look like when the goal is achieved? 
Stop guessing at sales and start making your numbers