#Shoutout to American Executive Centers!

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Matthew Barbour

A huge #shoutout to Ryan and Piper Dugan and American Executive Centers. I hadn’t fully grasped the value of a remote office until I started using AEC’s Virtual Office program. How it works, is I buy a block of hours that repeats each month which I can use at any of their 6 centers. I go onto their website, book when I want to work, pick a center, see their availability, and lock in my selection. It’s so easy.

I was originally planning to use their newly renovated Philly location since I am working more in the city but having the ability to book an office or a conference room on the fly depending on where my travels take me is a game changer. For example, I had a meeting scheduled in Malvern and the client cancelled. I scheduled my day to spend a few hours in Malvern working on a project and then had an event to continue to at the Union League. After the client cancelled, I just popped over to AEC’s location a few minutes away and worked until it was time to leave for my event. Having that resource saved me so much time and money. I didn’t have to waste time finding a place to touch down and I didn’t have to worry about connectivity or driving back to my office.

In addition, having AEC’s spaces at my disposal has allowed me to connect with my remote workers a bit more by scheduling time to meet with them near where they live. I can connect with my team and build culture without putting undo stress on a remote worker who already commutes to my office a few days a week. Plus, it shows them that I will meet them where they are which I hope they appreciate.

The last, unanticipated benefit is that I get a change of scenery ever time I am at a different location which is something that I didn’t realize I loved. I value the division between my home and my workplace. I also love change. Having the ability to work in a professional environment with excellent connectivity, great resources, awesome coffee, and is not my home office, gives me a great deal of variety which adds to my productivity. I can be on a zoom call with a client or my team and they see me in a space where I don’t have to worry about kids, pets, or blurring my background. I love it! Thank you Ryan and Piper!

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