#Shoutout to Anthony Mongeluzo of PCS #BCAProud

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Rich Wilson, CEO/Managing Partner
, HELM Partners


I just wanted to follow-up directly on our first day as partners… I decided to check out your services myself (unfortunately).  My motherboard fried at 6pm and was forced to call your help desk for support.  

My feedback to you and your team… the experience was superb. 

 (All names are best recollection – apologies if I misstate something)I worked with Chris Marrone after hours and he quickly was able to “learn” Helm (since this was the first time he was seeing our company) and helped get my main applications up and running.  He continued into the evening updating Windows and all the software so that the PC was ready for me in the morning.  It saved me a ton of time.

 The following day, Tony Brooks followed up to make sure everything was working OK, confirm what else was needed, and started the warranty process on my old unit. (they are coming today to pick up the device)

 Thanks Anthony for providing such a great team and I look forward to our continued relationship (hopefully for me, only from a company standpoint, not from a personal need!). 

Appreciated, Rich 

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