#Shoutout to H&H Commercial Services, Inc. | #BCAproud

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Marc Sinkow (Synch-O, LLC)

A shout out to Joe and Mike Hoke H&H Commercial Service, Inc.  We have had a problem with the dispersion of both heating and air conditioning in our home for some time.  We have replaced windows, doors, and insulation none of which had a significant impact on either our bills or comfort. H&H came out to assess our challenge.  They came up with a viable realistic solution. We required additional registers, the duct work we had was improperly installed and we would benefit from a rezoning of our HVAC. 

Our experience with H&H was outstanding.  Their team was on time, respectful, and both clean and efficient in their time spent in our home. It was obvious that their team took great care and pride in their company representing them well.

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