#Shoutout to Keith Baldwin of Spikes Trophies #BCAProud

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Larry Cohen, Owner
, Cuba Libre Restaurant and Bar.

This is an extremely grateful shout out to my friend and most exemplary BCA member, Keith Baldwin, President, Spikes Trophies Limited. 

Keith is a true example of what BCA is all about. In this, His Year of “Firsts”, Keith chose to fill Cuba Libre 2 days in a row, on our first nights of indoor dining. There are even reservations on the following two nights that have come through him. 

 Another “First” was that he asked me to dine with him and paid for my meal. That was the first time I’ve ever allowed that to happen, but there is no saying no to Keith. In addition Keith made commemorative face masks and branded hand sanitizer as gifts to all the attendees. 

We were amazed at how much effort Keith put into this and still found time to run his business and everything else he has going on including helping so many of us and others. 

Thanks Keith, for being so generous with your time, energy and money to make this difficult time in the restaurant business so special. It was so kind of you to care so much. 

Thanks to the many BCA members that had dinner at Cuba Libre. Your support is so much appreciated. 

The Member-to-Member Shout Out is a segment of our blog that allows BCA members to make a public statement of appreciation, recognition or gratitude. If you’d like to personally give a shout out to a fellow member, simply click here to shoot us an email.

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