#Shoutout to Michele Leff and 12th Street Catering #BCAproud

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Marc Sinkow (Synch-O LLC)

A shout-out to Michele Leff and Chef Adam with 12th Street Catering. Last week I asked Michele to provide a virtual Mexican Fiesta, similar to the BCA virtual dinner, for the Entrepreneur’s Council. It was a HUGE hit!!   Typically, I have a “soiree” at my home.  Unfortunately, it was postponed due to Covid 19. 

Here are a few member comments that I received after the virtual event:

This was a hit. I wasn’t convinced this type of event could be pulled off, but it was awesome. 

Really fun evening!  Adam was terrific and the food was great!

Thank you Marc! It was a good time! I just wish I could duplicate that meal on my own.

Hey Marc – thanks for setting that up.  That was awesome!  Loving trying new ingredients when we cook.

Margaritas were great as well!  Perfect lead in for the weekend!

 It was so much fun!   A great treat for “stay home” and Adam was fabulous!”  

Thank you, Michele.  A great evening and opportunity to provide value to my members.  You and Adam were awesome.

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