#Shoutout to Sales Evolution

Member-to-Member “Shout Out”
from Brad Balentine

“I would say that so far it has been nothing short of exhilarating. I now have a better perception of people and our conversations that are key to sales. I’m an introvert and it feels good to connect with people due to the sales evolution process.” Quote from Karl Sparks, Tri-Point Electric Sales Consultant.

 Karl is our first sales representative and in his first month due to the work he’s done in the group he sold over $200k! We can’t thank Alex, Tony, and Karls personal coach Dave enough. Tri-Point Electric will always be growing and to have a company like Sales Evolution train our team, maybe more importantly relieve the burden and time from the management team is immeasurable.

 Thank you Brad Balentine

Owner, Tri-Point Electric

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