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Early Bird Tickets available for the Ella Bella Fashion Show to Support Families Battling Cancer

Come see Michelle Goglia, of UnitedHealthcare, as she does her turn on the catwalk at the 6th Annual Ella Bella fashion show is on Friday, November 3, supporting Bringing Hope Home.  BHH offers a one-time grant to pay essential household bills for families with cancer so they can focus on their health instead of the financial burdens of cancer. They just helped their 4,000th family in the Northeast Region and your generosity will allow them to continue their mission of helping families avoid financial ruin.  

The show is still 2 months out so don’t miss your chance to get your early bird tickets. Click HERE to purchase your tickets or to make a donation.  Your support ensures that they can continue their mission of bringing unexpected amazingness to families with cancer by paying their essential household bills.