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Starfinder: “Soccer for Social Change… Leadership Beyond the Game”

BCA Philadelphia is excited to partner with the Starfinder Foundation for June’s charity spotlight!

The Starfinder Foundation’s mission is to enhance the personal growth of underserved youth through soccer and learning experiences that engage, inspire, and motivate.

They seek to impel youth to imagine and aspire to a lifetime of distinction.

In Philadelphia nearly 40 percent of children are in poverty. The city ranks last in the state in all health indicators across the board. And the school district’s high school drop-out rate is over 30 percent.

From school funding cuts to a lack of affordable after school programs, a huge segment of our region’s future leaders and undiscovered stars do not have equal access to the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in life.

Starfinder uses soccer as a tool to level the playing field for their academic, physical, and personal success. They focus on these three aspects of growth with access to tutoring, SAT prep, and soccer programs to help cultivate the skills young students need for the future.

To get more involved, check out their events, sign up to volunteer, or donate to their wonderful cause!