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Step up to the Sabre Shot and WIN! at Tailgate: BCAGolf Outing #BCAProud @SabreSystems

There are so many great contests at the 2017 Tailgate: BCA Golf Outing, including the Sabre Shot sponsored by Sabre Systems. Step up to the Sabre hole and tee off to win 2 Eagles Tickets.

What is the Sabre Shot?

  • On one of the Par 5 holes, there will be a bulls-eye target in the fairway

  • Each golfer will have the opportunity to take a shot at the bulls-eye.

  • The golfer closest to the center of the bulls-eye wins 2 Eagles Tickets.

  • Each Golfer that attempts the Sabre shot will get a complimentary sleeve of golf balls from Sabre.

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