Steve Sweeney of NEMHR is Featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal!

Congratulations go out to Steve Sweeney, President of NEMR Total HR, for being featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Here’s an excerpt from “The Flexible Variant” article and a comment from Steve:

Defining flexibility

Like so many other points during the pandemic, employers are moving into uncharted waters as workers return to offices this spring. For risk-averse executives who pride themselves on understanding every aspect of their operations, the unknown can be a scary prospect.

The definition of flexibility as it pertains to working arrangements has changed dramatically during the pandemic. Steve Sweeney, president of Mount Laurel-based NEMR Total HR, an outsourced human resources, payroll and benefits company that works with small and midsize businesses that do not have internal HR departments, said flexibility prior to the pandemic might have been simply allowing employees to work remotely every once in a while if they had a compelling reason. When the pandemic began, flexibility became a necessity because workers were testing positive for Covid-19.

“I think the difference now is flexibility is a necessity because the employment environment has changed,” Sweeney said. “It’s not necessarily omicron or delta or anything due to Covid. It’s because there’s 11.3 million jobs available and only 6 million workers. So there’s 1.8 jobs for every person. Employees have their choice of where they’re going to go. If there’s not a flexible environment available, they’re going to look elsewhere.”

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