No Need to Go to the Beach! We’re Bringing the BoardWALK to You #KTBHealthyMorningArea

Take a stroll down the BoardWALK on July 27 during our Hospitality Breakfast featuring Siri Lindley! Like a scene right out of the Jersey shore, Kistler Tiffany Benefit’s Healthy Morning Area will be transformed into a boardwalk, where breakfast guests can stop by and play boardwalk games, learn about ways to stay safe during the hot summer months, and the benefits of walking as a form of exercise and improving overall health. Representatives from Healthy Morning partner, PK Wellness Matters, will be on site to share their tips. You won’t want to miss it! 

About the Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Healthy Morning Area

Kistler Tiffany Benefits is dedicated to helping their clients and their employees to positively manage their health and live their best lives. The Kistler Tiffany Benefits’ Healthy Morning Area can be found at each BCA Hospitality Breakfast and features timely and interactive suggestions and ideas on how to improve and maintain your health. Each BCA Hospitality Breakfast features a different healthy concept and activity. For more information, visit If you have suggestions for future a KTB Healthy Morning Area, please email

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