Team Builders The Chameleon; Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who has a Personality, or Knows Someone Who Does #BCAProud

Team Builders Plus is excited to announce the release of Take Flight Learning CEO and author, Merrick Rosenberg’s latest book – The Chameleon: Life Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who DoesThe Chameleon is available as of December 2015 before the world-wide release in January 2016!   

In the book you will laugh and learn through twenty-two entertaining fables that reflect the challenges you experience in your life story. Guided by an all-knowing chameleon, Xenia, four unassuming birds play the roles of the personality styles. The insights gained from their interactions and struggles will lift you to new insights to understanding yourself.

Congratulations Merrick and Team Builders for this great accomplishment! If you would like to learn more or order your copy of The Chameleon, please CLICK HERE