Temperature Monitoring

215Secure offers thermal cameras which monitor the temperature and correlate that temperature to a face of up to 30 individuals’ PER SECOND! This solution will also identify whether or not an individual is wearing a face mask.

215Secure’s integrated security and life safety solutions include card access, intrusion alarm, fire alarm, visitor entry, virtual guard and much more!

Here are some key points to consider with thermal monitoring products.

● Safe, contactless temperature monitoring with visual identification.

● In addition to temperature control the system will identify whether or not the person is wearing a mask.

● Ultra high accuracy, .54F temperature monitoring

● No stopping or posing required. No need to remove facemask, sunglasses, etc.

● Mobile alerts, software alerts, video monitor alerts, door lock control, and much more

215Secure is proud to offer solutions which are a part of fighting Covid-19. As an organization which is essential to maintaining the security and life safety of facilities we haven’t stopped since Covid-19 began. All of our onsite employees are equipped with personal protective equipment including masks, gloves, and booties so you can feel comfortable that we take our part seriously in keeping everyone safe and reducing the spread. We look forward to helping overcome Covid-19 and continue to ensure the security and safety of our customer’s key assets.

If thermal cameras would help your organization and offer safety and peace of mind to you and your employees, please reach out to Dave Czarnecki for more information!

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