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Thanks ProFound Technologies for a Wonderful Roundtable!

A big thank you to Kevin Busza for hosting a fantastic Round Table last week. 

Learning more about ProFound and the Core Values that your company embraces were important to share with the group. It helps immensely in differentiating you from your competition and makes it easier to identify appropriate opportunities to help you.

I, for one, walked away from the afternoon with a much better understanding of the importance of efficiently managing those critically important things that need to occur for you to reach your goals or achieve your objectives. Kevin, all kidding from the guys aside, the discipline that you now embrace to help manage your work/life existence is impressive.  Thanks for sharing those ideas and opening up your personal space for all of us to take a look inside and see how we can strive to be better.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of learning more about each other, please make it a point to reach out and make that happen!