Thanks Safian & Rudolph for hosting such a dazzling Roundtable

What a Dazzling 14K Roundtable we had at Safian & Rudolph!!  Thanks so much to Hy and Rich for hosting us and showing off their beautiful store.

Some GEMS we took away from our morning:

  • Their notions of relationships are fundamentally different
  • Listen to hear about what excites them and then speak to that
  • Focus on your culture; they want to be a part of something
  • Be genuine. Millennials watch what you do and they know if it’s authentic
  • Get them involved in something meaningful 
  • They tend to have a short attention span
  • Gotta have a ‘BUZZ’
  • They don’t want a Gold Watch

Please check out the book Fundamentally Different by David Friedman.  It’s all about organizational culture and leadership values.  Awesome read!

Thanks again for your time and attention.