The Alias Group Establishes Dedicated Salesforce CRM Services Division


Newark, Delaware (Mar. 25, 2020) – The Alias Group has formalized its Salesforce CRM Services division by expanding service offerings under Optimization and Implementation categories to serve both new Salesforce users and existing users. The mission at The Alias Group is to raise the performance of our clients’ Salesforce instances to equal the performance level that our sales teams execute at every day.

Salesforce Optimization Services

  • Admin On-Demand: For immediate sales process impact.
  • Systems Integration: For getting the most value from your data.
  • Optimization On-Demand: For lead converting at maximum efficiency.
  • Lightning Migration: For adding features that apply to your sales processes.

Salesforce Implementation Services

  • Express Implementation for Sales Cloud: Start making—and documenting—quality calls ASAP.
  • Express Implementation for Service Cloud: Deliver comprehensive service on every platform.
  • Full Implementation & Integration for Sales Cloud: Ramp up with customized sales processes.
  • Full Implementation & Integration for Service Cloud: Accelerate customer service to new levels. 
  • Pardot Marketing Automation Integration: Control complex campaigns by automating tasks.

For decades, The Alias Group has been fine-tuning process-driven Outsourced Inside Sales, Lead Generation, and Salesforce CRM Services models for B2B clients poised for growth. Alias has expanded into many industries with comprehensive, fully integrated inside sales and Salesforce initiatives that deliver on a disciplined and transparent methodology. 

The Alias Group implements programs that synch up each client’s unique sales processes with the tools they need to excel. The repeatable, systematic approach also compresses onboarding, routinely up and running—and selling for clients—within two weeks.

“We rely on Salesforce to power our inside and outside sales processes day in and day out, and we see how so many small- and medium-sized business don’t use their Salesforce CRM to its fullest potential,” explains Chris Dohl, President of the Alias Group. “Sales process is our passion. It’s very satisfying when we can help partners develop an appreciation of the value of optimizing sales processes and Salesforce at the same time. The results and value companies can achieve with an aligned Salesforce CRM is amazing.”

About The Alias Group

The Alias Group ( is an integrated sales services agency in Newark, DE, specializing in outsourced inside sales programs and Salesforce CRM implementations and optimizations. Alias accelerates business growth for B2B companies by applying proven strategies to sales processes and executing targeted campaigns to fill sales funnels. Alias performs vital and pivotal funnel-filling functions “For You, As You,” and we are committed to a collaborative and completely transparent approach with every client. This approach is constant from beginning to end, from thorough discovery and onboarding to delivering on key performance indicators.