Three (3) New Portal Features: Modify RSVP’s, Transfer Tickets, Suggestion Box

We are excited to announce the launch of three brand-new features on our Member Portal. These updates are a part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the value of our member portal and making sure that managing your experiential engagements is as effortless as possible. Whether you’re adjusting for a change in your schedule or updating guest information, these new capabilities allow you to handle everything with ease and efficiency.

The next time you visit an event page, you’ll notice a significant addition—an “Action Column” in the Memberblock Summary. This update is all about giving you more control and flexibility right at your fingertips. If criteria* is met you will see the Modify RSVP link in that column. Criteria:

Key Criteria for Modify RSVP Feature:

  • For Decision Makers: As a decision maker, you hold the capability to modify RSVPs for any and all registrants within your Memberblock.
  • Non Decision Makers: You can modify your own RSVP as well as the RSVPs of any guests listed under your personal name.

We’re also excited to introduce a new feature that enhances how you manage your ticket allotment! As part of our commitment to member empowerment, we’ve added a “Transfer Tickets” button under the Memberblock Summary on each event page.

Remember, the tickets you receive through your membership are entirely yours to utilize in the way that most benefits you. Whether that means attending an event yourself or “gifting” your tickets to another member, the choice is yours. With the new Transfer Tickets feature, you can now seamlessly transfer tickets from your Memberblock to another member’s Memberblock. This function is available for all guest permitted events and are not “Invite Only” events.

You know how important your feedback, thoughts and suggestions are to us! Now we have added another platform for you to share…an online Suggestion Box. Simply Click here (you must be logged into the portal) or if already logged into the portal go to the menu in the top right corner and select Suggestion Box