Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Online Banking Fraud

Firstrust Bank is committed to ensuring that our customers’ finances are safe and secure. As fraudsters are continuing to find ways to scam people into giving personal information posing as your bank to steal money, we want to provide you with important reminders to help you fight fraud and protect your accounts. 

Fraudsters can be very creative in the way they work and have come up with ways to impersonate Firstrust and other banks when calling, texting and emailing customers. 

It is important to remember that Firstrust will never call, email or text you and ask you for any of the following information. Debit card number CVV codePINPasswordsYour full Social Security NumberOnline banking user ID In addition, we will never text or email you secure access codes and then ask you to provide them to us via the telephone or email. 

Fraudsters will often try to create a sense of urgency, but do not be intimidated. Take your time to validate that the communication is coming from Firstrust or any other financial institution.  If you feel that any message you receive from Firstrust is suspicious, we advise you to call us at 800-220-BANK. 

Phone tip:  If you are on the phone and you are being asked for information noted above, politely say you will call the person back, and ask for their phone number. Then call 800-220-BANK to confirm you are speaking with Firstrust.  

As always, remain vigilant in keeping your money safe by being cautious of any calls, emails and texts you receive requesting personal information. 

Your Firstrust team is here to assist you with any questions.

Stay safe.  Stay vigilant.