To-Go Meals | Support the BCA Family

Every single one of us is affected in some way. Our thoughts are especially with those, in the hospitality and event industry, who have been severely impacted already. Shawn Orenstein and I have been discussing how we can help and support these members. We both agreed that it is during these times of fear and uncertainty that we must support each other and help lift each other up! 

We recognized that workforces are now shifting to a remote environment. So we engaged Michele Leff (12th Street Catering) in the conversations. We spoke about things that could potentially provide comfort and some small relief in terms of time and energy to staff that is balancing work-life and personal-life under one roof. We came up with an idea that I am hoping you will find exciting and embrace, as it may help alleviate some stress you (or your employees) may find yourselves faced with.

Michele and her team are using their incredible talents to prepare weekly meals so that you don’t have to!!! 

TO GO Meal Program

Each TO GO Meal package provides four days of pre-made meals for four people.

  1. Choose your menu Click Here to view the menus
  2. Call 12th Street Caterers (215-386-8595) to place your order 

Initial orders must be in by Friday, March 20th. Pre-made Meals will be freshly and safely prepared by 12th Street Catering, and delivered to homes the following week. The TO GO Meal program will continue each week after this, so you can choose to continue your meals weekly or call 12th Street to discuss other options should you have other needs.

Thanks for your help as we support our members through these tough times. Remember, we’re all in this together, and we will get through it together.