Tropical Oasis in Old City🌞🌴

2nd Street Takeover is happening again!
Did you see us on FYI Philly 6ABC? 

 Starting Friday at 5pm and ending Sunday at 10pm join us again for the “Old City Outdoor Dining Room” located right on 2nd Street between Market and Chestnut. Palm trees will be swaying, our tables will be ready and mojitos will be flowing. It’s not a street festival, but it will be festive at this huge, socially distanced open-air dining room. Check out our all day menu here.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, so please call us at (215) 627-0666 or book online here.

Pro-Tip: Our new ‘Calle Dos’ parklet has been hugely popular 7 days a week. Try checking us out Monday – Wednesday when it’s easier to get a ressie!

Brunch specials run Saturday & Sunday from noon – 4pm. 
If you’re not ready to dine out quite yet – order from us directly for take out and delivery .