Virtual Team Building on November 13th

Enroll Your Team For A November 13th Virtual Team Building Activity
Team Builders Plus will be hosting a fun virtual team building activity that will allow you to participate as an intact team while playing with other teams from around the globe.Get ready to be transported back to medieval times
Each team will have its own breakout room where they can see each other and work together to help the kingdom of Harmonia to prosper. The activity takes place over 16 game years, whereby each team makes a series of decisions each year. Results of each team’s decisions are shared with the entire group, who will hopefully work together to ward off an attack by the aggressive neighboring kingdom, Nexdoria.
Harmonia is the perfect team building activity to keep your team engaged, even if they are not physically working side-by-side. 
Game-play is followed by an activity debrief in which participants apply what they experienced to working remotely in our new virtual reality. They will:
– Take a break from the chaotic world around them to have an enjoyable and enlightening experience that boosts morale
– Come together as a group to create connection at a time when people are feeling isolated
– Discover the importance teamwork and communication when people are geographically dispersed
Continue your team building and boost morale while in the comfort of your home.
Register today! Space is limited to the first 15 teams.
Date:  November 13, 2020
Team Size:  4-6 team members
Time:  1:00PM -3:30PM EST
Location: Virtual (Log in info will be sent prior to the program)
Cost:  $250 per team of 4-6

If you have 3+ teams, complete the Request For Proposal, to receive a proposal for a private Harmonia program.



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