Vote BCA Member Choice Awards! #BCAProud

Below you will find the (5) categories for the BCA Member Choice Awards. Please take time to consider your options and elaborate as to why you chose that specific member. Email all your answers funny, off-the-wall, or sentimental, to to be evaluated. The winners will be announced at “Breakfast In The Evening” on November 19th.

Member Choice Awards

1. Most BCA Proud

Think: Who bleeds BCA? Who is most likely to get BCA Proud tattooed on their arm?

2. Most likely want to grab a beer with?

Think: Who would you want to kick back with, spend your spare time, enjoy dinner with or have a beer with?

3. Who is your Owl?

Think: The Owl represents great wisdom, symbolizing a “wise one” who possesses a shrewdness for life. Which BCA family member are you most likely to turn to for advice, guidance or life experience, be it business, personal or social? 

4. Stuck on a deserted island with?

Think: If you were stuck on a deserted island… Which BCA Member would you chose to be stuck with and why? Maybe you want someone resourceful to help you survive? Or maybe the funniest to help keep you sane?

5. Most likely to have their own Reality Show?

Think: Who do you think has the most entertaining lifestyle in and out of the workplace.  Who could have an audience laughing, crying, or jaw dropping?