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We had a STRIKING Good Night Bowling With BCA

Good thing we “spared” the night for the BCA Black Label Bowling Event ! Thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun. Also a big thank you to North Bowl Lounge & Lanes for having us!  It was great time to “strike” up a new conversation with members as well as sharing a good laugh with long-time friends. 

We were definitely impressed by the majority of our members’ bowling skills! Who knew BCA Members all shared the same hidden bowling abilities?! Although, maybe we can let some of our members use bumpers next time…

Black Label Bowling Event Champions:

Team # 1

Dave Czarnecki, David Lamberger, Chris Earley, Jeff Backal, Alan Gries


Most Spares:

Paul Becker

Most Gutter Balls:

Karen Cohen

Most Strikes:

Anthony Mongeluzo

Make sure to check out pictures from the event. If you are sharing any on social media, do not forget to hashtag #BCAProud!