Webinar: The Four Personality Styles During COVID-19

If you have already shared or discovered the four personality styles in your organization, here’s a chance to deepen your understanding by linking personality to what’s happening in the world today. Bring your entire team to this webinar and afterwards, they will be able to discuss how they are responding to the virus and how they can communicate to each other more effectively.

Did you know that each personality tends to respond in predictable ways to working remotely and social distancing? Did you know that each style thinks differently about videoconferencing and managing time while working from home? Tune in and discover how each style responds to stress and what to look for to identify extreme stress. Gain a deeper understanding of what each style needs from a company and their leader during these unprecedented times. 

Join author and personality thought leader, Merrick Rosenberg, for a conversation with Kerry Bayles, master personality styles trainer, as they discuss the impact of the virus on the four personality styles. 

 Date:   June 15, 2020

Time:   1pm-2pm EST

Cost:    $25