When Quality and Craftsmanship Matter

Philmont Country Club, a private club founded in 1906 and boasting a championship golf course completed a multi-faceted, $5 million renovation as part of their long-range plan. Responding to trends in clubhouse demographics, the plan called for a new grille room, bar, and outdoor dining patio.  The new ‘1906 Grille Room’ reinforces the casual luxury lifestyle important to its expanding membership.

With its historic background, beautifully landscaped golf course and classic architecture,Philmont Country Club has been a staple in Huntingdon Valley for over a century. With new Ownership in place, the Club decided to invest in improvements that would modernize the facilities and make the club more socially engaged. The renovations touched nearly every part of the club adding amenities and enhancements that appeal to young professionals and families. While maintaining the classic exterior of the 1920s-era clubhouse, the interior redesign of the expansive 80,000-square-foot complex called for contemporary amenities to be added to the historic property.  

The Work:
To complete the construction of the new, upscale grille room, the Club engaged H.C. Pody Company, Builders and Construction Managers.  As a regional builder, Pody is relied upon for projects that require a mastery of craftsmanship and rigorous QA/QC processes. 
The New Grille Room was constructed within the historic clubhouse building – an intricate structure built and renovated over ten decades. This condition required skillful craftsmanship to ensure proper installation of the new high-end finishes.

The bar and entrance areas called for 30” x 30” imported Italian tiles. The vicuña porcelain tile parquet floor provides the warmth desired for a club grille, along with the functionality needed for golfers entering the grille with soft golf spikes. Because of the uneven floors in the old building, careful floor prep was required to accommodate the large tiles. 

The Interior design celebrates tradition while balancing progressive design. A sophisticated Grisaille wallpaper, comprised of turn of the century landscape drawings, captures the heavily wooded trees that surround the golf course and is framed and placed above each banquette to bring the outdoors in. The interior design includes extensive custom millwork for the wall panels, ceiling beams, and the new bar. H.C. Pody Company recognized that the century-old facility would present challenges for the millwork installation and were careful to select a carpenter with a reputation for high-level craftsmanship. 

“A key to the successful outcome of the work was the selection of Joseph Gabriel Carpentry for the millwork and bar for the project” says Bill Buehler, Project Manager. “The millwork shop drawings for the wall panels, box beams and bar were carefully coordinated with the Designer, Julia Nanula, and then every piece of millwork was hand crafted and installed.” 

The north rear wall was removed and replaced with an architectural series window assembly that spans the full height of the rear of the building, bathes the space with natural light, and connects the new Grille with the golf course. The space was visually bifurcated with different ceiling heights, to create a separate bar/ lounge area and a separate dining area, opening higher to the natural wooded landscape and contours of the course.

“As a Company we are proud of the very high-quality control we achieved…from bidding to the shop drawing process to the minimal punch list, we had the right team to get the job done right.” Says Buehler.

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