BCA Equity Movement

Today is the first day of Black History Month, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to update you on the BCA Equity Movement. In July 2020, with the help of former NFL player Emmanuel Acho, we publicly opened up the conversation and officially launched the BCA Equity Movement. A movement to understand issues of inequity and race, advocate for, and champion ways we can operationalize the equity and inclusion that we seek to advance.


In October of 2020, BCA launched the Equity Transformation Team, as a part of our ongoing Equity Movement. I am very proud to announce the members of our Equity Transformation Team (listed below). We can’t thank them enough for their support and passion for making our community, our organizations and our world a more inclusive and equitable one.

  1. Liz Butler, Experience Chiropractic
  2. Brian Courtney, Safegard Group
  3. Leon Degtar, Libert Fox Technologies
  4. Michele Leff , 12th Street
  5. Shawn Orenstein, OneDigital
  6. Maria Peterson, OneDigital
  7. Matt Pincus, Pincus Elevator
  8. Dr. Lenny Roberts, Summit Spine and Wellness
  9. Rich Wilson, HELM

Since the inception, the team has been hosting monthly Listen & Learn Sessions. The sessions have been incredibly valuable and enlightening. Filled with deep discussions on the issues of race, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, they’ve served as fantastic vehicles to help us become better educated on the issues. We are all very excited about the progress of the group. If you have any questions or would like to participate in our Listen & Learn Sessions, please email Joleen,

Click Here to learn more about the Equity Transformation Team


Another vehicle we are using to further our Equity Movement efforts is collaboration with other, more diverse, groups. Groups who will help us better understand the perspectives of others and help us establish new relationships in circles we don’t typically run in.

In December, BCA kicked off a collaborative exploration with the EMSDC (Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council) and the MBEIC (Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee). Thanks to Ginny Heron-Doerr, ProShred Security, who introduced us to two of their board members, Reshma Moorthy and Paul Douglas. The relationship mind-set they share with BCA made them a great fit to explore collaborative efforts.

We launched the collaborative exploration with a Meet and Greet, between the BCA Board of Advisors and a select group of Board members from the EMSDC. It was a great kickoff, and another followup Meet and Greet is scheduled for later this month.