Join our Listen & Learn Sessions

Over the last few weeks, we have received some questions about BCA’s Equity Movement. To clarify, the current goal of our Equity Movement is very simple: To better understand the issues of inequity and how they impact our organization and our companies.

In October of 2020, along with 9 BCA Members (formally called the Equity Transformation Team), we set out on a journey to Listen & Learn. Pledging to dive in and gain a better understanding of the many issues of inequity that exist. We remain focused on the goal stated above, and can report that, through our Listen and Learn sessions, we are certainly getting quite an education. In due time, the Equity Transformation Team will determine what actionable steps we take from here.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our Equity Movement, we invite you find out for yourself! We encourage every and any member to join a Listen and Learn session, ask questions and find out for yourself what we are up to.


  • Every BCA Member is invited and encouraged to join a session
  • Hosted Monthly via Zoom
  • Topics are different each session. Sample topics include: unconscious bias, race, gender equality, diversity in hiring, a culture of inclusion, understanding the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Facilitated by one of the BCA Members from the Equity Transformation Team
  • Interested in joining any Listen & Learn Sessions, please email Joleen,
  1. Liz Butler, Experience Chiropractic
  2. Brian Courtney, Safegard Group
  3. Leon Degtar, Libert Fox Technologies
  4. Michele Leff , 12th Street
  5. Shawn Orenstein, OneDigital
  6. Maria Peterson, OneDigital
  7. Matt Pincus, Pincus Elevator
  8. Dr. Lenny Roberts, Summit Spine and Wellness
  9. Rich Wilson, HELM

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